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Kegs can be an affordable and environmentally friendly way to share beer with friends and family. No one offers more kegs or better service than Corks & Kegs. Kegs are an important part of our business. So much so that it is part of our name. Our selection is second to none in the state of Virginia. In fact, we offer over 600 different kegs to choose from. From obscure European kegs to small American microbrews from coast to coast, we've got it covered. In fact, if a beer is approved for sale in the Richmond market, we can get it. Many kegs are regularly stocked and available cold in our walk in cooler. We can also special order kegs to be picked up within a few days.
Go ahead a peruse our keg list and find your favorite beer.
When your ready to order, give us a call at 804.288.0816

Party Facts Here (volumes)
1/2 Keg = 7.5 Cases of 12oz beer or 180 beers
1/4 Keg = 3.8 Cases of 12oz beer or 90 beers
1/6 Keg = 2.5 Cases of 12oz beer or 60 beers
Keg Policies:
Deposits are "CASH Only" and 100% Refundable upon return*
$30 each Keg
$50 each Tap
Please bring
Two people to pick up Keg
Returning Your Keg:
***** Must have Receipt to get Deposit *****
" Kegs and Taps must be returned within 5 days of
rental to receive full refund ($2/day late fee)
(Kegerator Customers excluded)
" Kegs should be fully
emptied prior to return to avoid emptying fee of $ 5.00
(Ask Associate for instructions)
* Equipment must be undamaged at time of return